Leehom and Jolin Wins Hito’s “Best Male/Female Artist” Again

The 2007 Hito Awards were held in Taiwan a few hours ago. CAI YI LIN (Jolin Tsai) won a total of five awards, becoming Hito’s biggest winner of the night. She had won "Hito’s Best Female Artist" again for the fourth time in the row. WANG LI HONG (Leehom Wang) had the honor to win "Hito’s Best Male Artist" again. Both Jolin and Leehom were the winners of last year’s award ceremony as well.

From TAO ZHE’s (David Tao) latest album "TAI MEI LI (Too Beautiful)", not only had it accepted positive reviews from professional critics, it had also gained many fans’ attention. He had won "Hito’s Best Producer", "Hito’s Best Composer", "Audience’s Most Popular Song" and "Top Ten Golden Songs of the Year" awards.

Jolin Tsai won "Hito’s Best Female Artist", "Hito’s Most Popular Female Artist", "Hito’s Longest Album", "Hito’s Most Popular Online Star", and "Top Ten Songs of the Year." She arrived at the awards night wearing black. She first sang her duet with David Tao, called "JIN TIAN NI YAO JIA GEI WO (You Have to Marry Me Today)", and then continued with a hot dance from "WU NIANG (Dancing Diva)".

Because of busy movie filming, both Leehom Wang and ZHOU JIE LUN (Jay Chou) did not attend to the award ceremony. However, both of them sent in a video to give a words of thanks to their fans. Leehom won "Hito’s Best Male Artist", "Hito’s Longest No. 1 Album", and "Top Ten Golden Songs of the Year". Jay, who had stepped into the director’s world earlier on, had won "Asia’s Media Entertainment", "Hito’s Best Musician-Composer" and "Top Ten Songs of the Year". S.H.E won "Hito’s Best Female Group", "Most Popular Voted Group", and "Top Ten Songs of the Year."

For the first time LUO ZHI XIANG (Show Luo) won "Most Popular Voted Male Artist" and "Top Ten Songs of the Year".

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