LeeHom and Janet

The musically talented Wang LeeHom has been busy recently with preparations for the kickoff of his World Tour on September 19th and 20th at the Taipei Arena; he also had to squeeze some time out of his busy schedule in order to film MV’s for his new album. Although burning the candle from both ends, LeeHom spares no effort and works to his utmost capability on each and every task. He went to NeiHu the other day to film an MV; the female lead is the “sunshine” and talented Janet, known affectionately as the “Crazy Traveler.” Clad in a short qipao (cheongsam), she lay on her side, holding a pipa* in her arms. The visual of her, lying with her bare legs stretched out, was quite provocative. Perhaps he thought that “tasting” the “eye candy” for too long would make things too hot for him to handle– at any rate, LeeHom hurriedly left the set for some fresh air with a foreign friend. While outside, he rode his bicycle for a quick work-out: two circles to the left, then two circles to the right; he rode vigorously, thus “cooling” down and “extinguishing” the fire.
* Translator’s Comment: A pipa is a traditional Chinese stringed instrument. It is plucked.

At noon of the 16th, LeeHom wore a hand-dyed white tank and tight, form-fitting pants. Carrying an electric guitar on his back, his “rock ‘n’ roll” flavor was through the roof. On stage, Janet held her pipa as LeeHom enthusiastically taught her what postures and angles to use for the camera. She was close to “exposure” at one point; LeeHom did not neglect to warn her about it and reminded her gently to fix her sitting posture. He was even more professional than the MV director!

The Pipa and the Electric Guitar: Fusion of East and West

The content of the MV is a huge secret; the staff and workers at the shoot were constantly searching the different stories and floors of the building, afraid that the storyline of the new MV would be revealed or exposed. This reporter saw with his own eyes: Wang LeeHom stood on stage, playing the electric guitar, lost in his own world. Janet herself is a talented violinist; she lightly tossed her long hair and, holding her pipa closely, plucked earnestly at the strings. The two played a duet on stage; it looks like the fusion of Eastern and Western stringed instruments as a musical style on the new album has inadvertently been exposed!

“Secret Weapon” Is Exposed: Eastern Style and Flavor Heavy

LeeHom and Janet are both darlings of the advertisement and commercial world; both have also acted as spokesmodels for tea drinks. This time, the two musically talented young people are collaborating together on an MV. LeeHom’s record company, Sony BMG, was quite surprised about the accidental exposure of the MV’s filming schedule. They had not expected that their “secret weapon,” female lead Janet, would be exposed. The company explained that, because the style of the new song is Eastern, the female lead wore a qipao (cheongsam). Thus, the flavor that develops is one of Eastern-Western fusion.

As for the bicycle, LeeHom did not ride it to “cool down”; instead, he was preparing for his upcoming concert: he hoped to work on his lung capacity. Thus, during the breaks in the filming of the MV, he went outside to ride his bicycle. Was LeeHom “moved” by Janet? His company replied simply, “It was the first time the two have worked together; they got along very well.”

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