Lee Yeon Hee

Date of Birth: 01/09/1988
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Ethnicity: Korean

Lee Yeon Hee Biography
Lee Yeon Hee is one of the newer Korean actresses on the scene. She is signed with SM Entertainment. SM has put her in several music vides, most notably, Timeless by Zhang Yi Lin. Her acting debut came with the series, Sea God. She then went on to do a few more Korean dramas such as One Fine Day, where she had a secondary character role. Her big-screen debut came with A Millionaire’s First Love co-starring with Hyun Bin.

For such a young actress, Lee Yeon Hee shows great potential. As exemplified by her performance in her movie, A Millionaire’s First Love, she is able to capture emotions seamlessly. She is set to star in a movie named “M” coming in 2007.

Lee Yeon Hee has been linked in a relationship with Choi Si Won.

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