Lee Jung Jae, “Back to back role of an agent is a burden”

Lee Jeong Jae is returning to the TV screen after a long break through the MBC series ‘Air City.’

At the production press conference held at the Incheon International Airport held on the 29th, Lee Jung Jae was first asked how he felt about it.

"It is burdensome thinking that it is my first time appearing in a television series in eight years, but these days I have been telling myself to not overdo it. I was trying so hard that in the end, I eliminated the range of characters I could act. I felt as if I limited myself so this time I will try to escape from the burden while I enjoy it."

The role he is playing this time is a National Intelligence Service agent Kim Ji Sung who returns from working abroad after a friend’s death and encounters various incidents while working at the airport.

One cannot disregard the burden from his previous agent role in ‘Typhoon’ as they are similar.

"At first it was burdensome as the character was another agent. If it was a character that made you think, ‘What kind of agent is that?’ then it would have been alright, but it overlaps greatly with the character I played in ‘Typhoon.’ But I heard not many people watched ‘Typhoon’ so I was discouraged but found hope at the same time."

The drama is special as it is the first to be set at the airport, but there also seems to be much difficulty according to the director. He did say it takes two to three times the more effort.

"The traveling distance is much greater as the airport is big. Because we can’t shut down the entire airport to film, there are many cases where the filming is disrupted by camera flashes of people watching or airport announcements. But it is interesting actually being able to be on the runway, in the underground bunkers, or in the control top. Also, the airport is a place of greeting and farewell simultaneously so I believe it is a place with living emotion."

With various professional dramas becoming popular, ‘Air City’ also focuses on the professionalism of those who work at the airport. The story will shift its focus to love later on, but the main plot is about the incidents that happen at the airport.

"I think viewers now prefer a good plot over visuals. Before, dramas became popular based on how good it looked, but now people will turn away from great visuals if the story is not up to par. There is great burden as I must be able to act as good as the large scale scenery of the airport."

Hallyu Star Choi Ji Woo will be co-starring Lee Jung Jae as Han Do Gyung, an operations manager of the airport. The drama has gathered the spotlight as it is the first time the two are performing together.

"I simply plan on benefiting from Choi Ji Woo. Rather than wanting to become a Hallyu Star, I have a great desire to show good acting."

‘Air City’ which commemorates the sixth year anniversary of the opening of Incheon International Airport will start airing on May 12th.

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