Leanne Li to Perform Sexy Latin Dance

Leanne Li will be joining Grasshopper, Suki Chui and Sharon Luk to perform at this weekend’s Yan Chai charity show and although she has learned how to dance a waltz in the past, this is the first time trying latin dance, so she has been busy practising, and she will be rehearsing with Grasshopper for the first time.

When it was pointed out that this type of dance is very sexy, Leanne says that she is prepared for it: "I will definitely have something underneath and be covered with tape. (With Yumiko’s earlier incident, are you avoiding wearing a thong?) No I will not do that, but the clothes have to be fitted properly to ensure that I do not expose myself." She adds that she has always been confident with TVB’s costumes and she believes that they will be safe and respectable.

Asked if she has lost weight for this event, she smiles: "Yes, earlier I was doing belly dancing for New Years Eve and I put on a little weight to give me a little belly. Now i have to lose weight but I think that this can be done through rehearsals and I don’t need to diet especially.

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