Lead Actress Changed For Feng’s New Film

Chinese director Feng Xiaogang’s new, no-star cast film "Ji Jie Hao" changed its lead actress to another newcomer Tang Yan.The 23-year-old actress has only performed in two other works including a stage drama and a TV show. ?

Feng Xiaogang attended a shoot for a brand new car advertisement in Beijing on Monday. ?

Most of the questions from the media focused on Feng’s new film "Ji Jie Hao". ?

About the new recruited actress, he explained that Tan Yan’s appearance and attributes precisely fill the requirements necessary for the role. Though he acknowledged the actress’s lack of experience, he dismissed it saying that it mattered little in his new film.

Feng also admitted that there is much more pressure on this film than his previous cinematic venture, "The Banquet", since all of the key roles are being filled by newcomers to the big screen. ??

The 80-million-yuan film, "Ji Jie Hao", with no official English name yet, has already started shooting two weeks ago. ?

The film is about a soldier seeking recognition for his fallen comrades who died during the Chinese Civil War between the Communist Party of China and the Kuomintang (KMT) Party.

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