Lawrence Cheng Airs His Views

TVB series "Welcome to the House" held a promotional event at Lok Fu yesterday and cast members attending included Christine Ng, Lawrence Cheng, Sharon Chan, Annie Chung and Raymond Cho. The event was coupled with a message to the public to undergo regular blood pressure checks and some of the artistes had their pressure checked at the event.

Since Ella Koon’s earlier incident where she was attacked by a fan on stage, security was markedly stepped up and a human wall was formed by twelve security guards from the mall to keep order. Yesterday there were reports that DJ duo I Love You Boy’z were poking jokes at Ella’s ordeal and they have been criticised heavily for being derogatory towards women.

Having worked previously at CRHK, Lawrence says that the band have always been very wild, but he feels that they should have a limit to their play. He believes that their comments, which made at a contract signing with their new record company, should provoke some action from the company, who should bear some responsibility. He feels that the company should make it clear to their artistes what can and cannot be joked about.

Lawrence also commented about Lydia Shum’s intruder reports, saying that only the highest risk patients are kept in intensive care and if anything happens, it is a life at stake, so they should think about the consequences to their actions.

Sharon says that Ella’s ordeal should not be joked about and she will be very careful when she meets her own fans. Commenting on recent reports about her falling out with Kingdom Yuen, Christine says she just finds it all funn. She says that people who know her will know that she is best friends with Kingdom and Almen Wong.

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