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As you might have know that this blog updates you mostly on the Asian entertainment news. I am trying to get the latest news and keep you update here and even to ease your life in keeping yourself up to date with the most happening event around the celebrity and entertainment news. However, if you might have notice, I do try to keep you informed with the latest news on non-Asian related entertainment news as well. It won’t be complete without knowing the other side of the world’s celebrity news. I will try my best in sourcing for the news and ensuring you the best and probably fresh updates always.

But then, I found out that there is limited resources of me to get you update on the news around the world. The only way for me to help you going and keep you informed of non-asian news is to share one of the site that I just come across.

Ladies and Gentlement, allow me to introduce the latest celebrity gossip & entertainment News for UK, Hollywood and more from

One thing I love about the site is that, not only it keeps you update on the latest news, but it also allows you to share your views and probably join in the on-going gossips. I love to read the gossip posted on the website as it’s sometime fresher than the official news. I still remember there is such saying, “if there is no such thing happen, there won’t be any gossip” in which i found it true.

Aside of it, there is also video clip posted on the site where not only you can read words(like my boring blog) but also enjoy the clip and voice! It sure will make your day lively and fill your boredom to the max!

What’s more? If you have interesting gossips to share or probably want to verify the gossip, you may send to em! Sure fun when your gossips were posted! Well, I didn’t know that idea and probably you can do the same if you want your gossip to be posted here 😉 I wouldn’t mind~

Why wait? Get yourself involved with such great happening! Visit and get yourself wetregistered! You wont want to regret to be the last person to know what is going on with your IDOL, don’t ya?

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