Lai Lok Yi Looks After Ekin’s Girl Whilst Waiting for his Own Love

Lai Lok Yi took part in a Christmas promotion yesterday and although it was Christmas Eve, he still had to rush back to continue filming his new series "Trouble Daddy". Fortunately, he was able to finish work early at 8pm and then join some friends for a hotpot dinner to celebrate.

Should he not be spending Christmas Eve with his girlfriend? Lok Yi smiles that he has not got a girlfriend, so his friends will make do. He explains that as Ekin is currently filming for mainland series "Huo Yuan Jia", he will look after Ekin’s girlfriend Yoyo Mung as she is currently filming with him in Hong Kong. Has he given Yoyo a Christmas gift? He says: "No! She should give me one instead." Asked if he will be spending Christmas with rumoured girlfriend Emme Wong, he says a little awkwardly: "No, I don’t have a girlfriend, I am waiting for someone to introduce me to a girl. (Tell Yoyo to do it!) Yes, she should." Lok Yi is currently planning to move away from Tseung Kwan O because the air quality there is quite poor and it is making his asthma worse day by day.

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