Lai Lok Yi is Very Happy at being Natalie Tong’s Husband

Lai Lok Yi and Natalie Tong have been signed as spokesmodels for a wedding studio and yesterday they wore their wedding outfits at a catwalk show. They indicated that they have already shot some studio wedding portraits together, including one look where they both wore denim. During the shoot, Natalie referred to Lok Yi as her husband and he explains that they worked together in "Hearts of Fencing", so they have known each other for a long time and so acting as husband and wife was very easy to get into character.

Natalie has always loved wearing wedding dresses because it makes her feel like a princess. When Lok Yi gets married for real, he says he will definitely have studio photos taken because he feels like a prince. He says: "You only do it once in your lifetime and my concept is that I will be collecting my bride from Nathan Road in a horse and carriage. (Are you afraid of blocking the roads?) Nathan Road is the most famous road in Hong Kong, so maybe the government will allow it." Talking of the recent rumours of a split between his friends Yoyo Mung and Ekin Cheng, ‘matchmaker’ Lok Yi says: "Give them more space. (Have they split up?) I don’t know. (You were their matchmaker though?) Only you say that, you can help me correct that." Lok Yi has not been to play badminton recently but he did meet up with his friends at the new year. Asked jokingly if he will be giving them discounts for the studio, Lok Yi laughs that maybe he will get married before them.

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