Lady finger/okra good for health?

My mum is suffering from high blood pressure and her recently acquired medical report shown that the bad cholesterol reading is quite high. She scout around to seek for some traditional remedies to improves her health. And one of her friend suggested to souk the lady finger or okra (“bendi” in malay) into water for few minutes and drink the water. The lady finger is cut and soaked fresh, not cooked. Not sure if this really helps but I am thinking it causes no harm since it is a vegetable after-all.

I did some searching and found out that even after the lady finger has been cooked, it have plenty of health benefits. Listed here are some of them:

1. Improves nerve function
2. Lowers high blood cholesterol
3. Aids digestion
4. Improve hair health
5. Boosts immune function
6. Soothes the skin

Those are mentioned without any scientific research which would eventually means not proven. I will suggest to periodically make a blood test and monitor if things are getting as expected. Will never know if there is any adverse effect to our health. Like there’s a saying goes, “things taken a little is better than over taking, which would potentially overdosing”.

I’m hoping this would work so it could improve ones health. Will post update once a medical checkup is made for sharing.

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