Kungfu Master’s Grandson Loses Defamation Lawsuit Against Jet Li Film

The grandson of Kungfu master Huo Yuanjia has lost a lawsuit against producers and distributors of Jet Li’s biographical film at the Beijing First Intermediate People’s Court, where the case was heard on Tuesday. ??

The court ruled that the film "Huo Yuanjia", or "Fearless", was an exaggerated and fictitious portrait of the late Huo, one of China’s most revered martial arts masters, but contained no defamatory or libelous depictions. ?

Huo Shoujin, 81, Huo Yuanjia’s only surviving grandson on the Chinese mainland, had said the film contained fabrications of his grandfather’s life and character, and it besmirched his reputation.

Huo filed a lawsuit in March, seeking a halt to the worldwide release of the film, and a written public apology. ?

Defendants included Jet Li, Beijing Film Studio under the China Film Group Corporation, the producer of the film, and Beijing-based Anle Film Company, the distributor. ??

Huo (1869–1910) was the founder and spiritual leader of the Jing Wu Federation, a martial arts organization in the early 1900s.

The film opened in January and portrays Huo as a man, who killed many innocent people for sport. It also shows Huo’s redemption and eventual self-fulfillment through his unrequited love for a blind girl. The film shows Huo’s family being murdered,and his death without any heirs. ??

Yang Zhongkai, the plaintiff’s lawyer, said they would consider appealing the ruling.

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