Kris Aquino starts breastfeeding baby James,

TV host-actress Kris Aquino has started breastfeeding baby James, her newlyborn child with husband James Yap.

Dra. Grace de Luna of Makati Medical Center said in an interview with 24 Oras tonight that Kris has already given James Jr. breastmilk five times since last night. She also reported that Kris stayed in the recovery room last night because the actress had a high blood pressure, which has already been controlled this morning.

The doctor advised Kris to go on a soft diet for the meantime. Dra. de Luna said, “Actually, we’ll start feeding her tonight since we were able to control the hypertension. Of course, we’re very optimistic that in the next few days everything will be fine.”

The hospital permits only visitors from the family of Kris and James. Doctors of Kris and baby James explained that they are trying to prevent baby James, who is still in an incubator, from getting an infection.

Last night the doctors were giving antibiotics to James Jr. According to them, the child might have to stay inside the incubator for seven to ten more days—also the maximum number of days Kris has to stay in the hospital.

Kris gave birth to James Jr. yesterday, April 19, at 4:50 in the afternoon.

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