Korean Singers are making comebacks

The second half of this year, there’s going to be a grandslam in the music world! The return of the big stars in K-pop! The superstars are coming to fill fans’ ears with fantastic music! Who’s making it back? Let’s find out, right now. The ballad singers were laying low, but they’re ready to shoot back up! The king of ballads, Shin Seung-hun released his ninth album in February, 2004. Almost three years later, Shin is coming out with a new album for his fans! Album number ten is almost ready, but he won’t stop at that! He has a concert in the works, as well! In just a week, Seoul will come alive with his music and the screaming of his fans. While Shin Seung-hun was recording his new album, the biggest pressure he felt? Everyone was wondering whether the music will be made ballads, a la Shin Seung-hun Style… Or, if he will go in another direction, showing fans something different. The result that Shin Seung-hun ultimately came out with was that, every and any music that he composes will always be "Shin Seung-hun Style." But after heavy consideration, Shin decided to make half his new songs ballads, and the other half, something a little different for his loyal fans!

As much high-anticipation is being felt for the return of THIS singer… Uhm Jung-hwa! These days, her name has become more synonymous with movies, but this is one singer who has made an immense difference in the world of Korean pop music… Uhm Jung-hwa brought "sexy" into K-pop! Put on a pedestal by male fans, Uhm Jung-hwa will be seeing them again when she comes back with her ninth album, an album made with JiNU from Rollercoaster. Her new album will be of a different color than her previous hits like <I Don’t Know>, or <Poison>. But one thing will still be the same – Her loveable and endearing charm that will bewitch her fans once again!

The popularity of SS501 is rising above the crowd… At the end of the year, it looks like they’re going to be hotter than Shinhwa and TVXQ! TVXQ has been working their magic around Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, and other parts of Asia, but this month, they’re making it back to Korea with their official third album! After their September concert in Thailand, they’ve been working furiously on their new album to get it finished in time. But they’re going to be running into some heavy competition!

SS501 blasted onto the scene during early summer of 2005 with a single album. Now they’re looking at the official release of their first full-length studio album! The members have been all over television, in various programs including variety shows. But with the release of album one, they’re going to be taking a hard stand in K-pop! In just over a week, SS501 will also hold their first solo concert in Japan! Overseas concerts… albums coming out this month… TVXQ! and SS501!! Two idol groups are about to butt heads!

Two other big names that are returning during the second half of 2006 – Rain and Se7en!! Recognized as two amazing dancers, Rain and Se7en both come out with their fourth albums this month! They’ll be taking their competition onto the stage, as they battle it out this season. Rain and Se7en have never actually worked during the same time in Korea, so there’s a lot of nervous excitement in the air. After releasing album number four, Rain is opening a large-scale event in Korea for fans across Asia. The singer plans on staying put in Korea while he prepares for his pan-Asian tour this coming December. Korea! Japan! China! Thailand! Taiwan! Hong Kong! Singapore! Vietnam! Philippines! Malaysia! Indonesia! Eleven countries and 35 concerts with RAIN coming your way – Se7en is also coming out with album number four… For the promotion of his new album, the singer will be showing up on variety programs and other music shows. After their debuts, both Rain and Se7en started working around the same time, but never directly against each other. But now… it’s going to be a clashing of the titans! Watch as Rain and Se7en blow life back into Korea’s music industry.

In the second half of 2006, we’re also going to witness a slew of female singers making comebacks… Recently, there were a lot of female singers going from group member to soloist – much to the delight of male fans nationwide! But in these following months, they are going to get a lot more competition! About ten women will be vying for the position of the end-of-the-year Diva! One of the biggest headliners… sexy singer IVY! An online website held a survey asking "which female singer are you waiting for most?" And IVY got the most votes at 44.2%, making her number one! She debuted last year and quickly climbed the ranks of popularity. Her powerful voice and ultra-sexy dance moves got her there. IVY is working with composer Park Geun-tae for her second album. Following close on IVY’s heels… Second place is multi-tainer, Uhm Jung-hwa! In third place is the former teen queen of techno, Lee Jung-hyun. And rounding us out at number four… Jang Yoon-jung, the singer who brought Trot music back into K-pop.

After releasing an album in 2004, Lee Jung-hyun focused her time working abroad in China. Lee returns to Korea two years and a half later… She’s finished up with all the recording and fans can’t wait! And the young addition to world of Trot music, Jang Yoon-jung! She’ll be adding more of her collection to Trot, hopefully bringing more of the genre to our younger generations. The second half of 2006 will see a return of K-pop powerhouses… And the battle is on! Rival singers usually keep their appearances timed separately. A silent agreement. But not this time! The battle of the stars will bring rival against rival – new albums and new music to entice their fans. Who will be the ones leaving the battle victorious? That’s a question soon to be answered. At this moment, we’re just glad that we have all these singers coming back to K-pop.

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