Korean newscaster naked scammed

We have heard many scam news daily. Different scams prevailed each day. For those of you who may not have heard about the Naked News Korea, then do read on.

There is this new television programme in Korea apparently is like any other news broadcasting except, those broadcaster are going naked while the show progresses. This make things hotter for the male audiences and I doubt their concentration would be at the news but the fleshes. As soon as the programme was launched, there were 260,000 net users and over one million users have visited the website. I believe all the nine female broadcasters that present the news showing their naked bodies above the waist really had their hard work paid off.

But lucky star wasn’t with them, before even they got their pay, the company closed down and the founder went into hiding.

Here is the nine anchors presenting news preview in which you might be interested to take a glimpse: –

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