Korea most beautiful woman

oon Eun Hye, Jeon Ji Hyeon, Kim Tae Hee and Im Su Jeong are in the higher rankings.

CFs are a way of recognising the popularity of the stars at one glance. In 2006, many stars appeared as CF models, pouring attention from the consumers. Among those CFs, who is the beautiful woman who shines the most?

The activities of the most beautiful women who shone with their CFs in the first half of 2006 are shown, and the rankings on portal site is carved on the fans’ memories again.

First of all, Yoon Eun Hye, with the successful case of accomplished transformation as an actress from a singer, participates in 2006 as a CF model of various fields. With where she has been active with Kim Sun Ah as a model, the evaluation of the CF that rang in one’s heart was obtained from fans.

Also, Jeon Ji Hyeon gained high popularity. Jeon Ji Hyeon has differed in mysterious CFs up to now, her cute expressions and movements in cyber space obtained an explosive reaction from the fans because of a lovely dance and thus the product which is called “Jeon Ji Hyeon phone” shortly achieved the result such that the highest sales are recorded in a short period.

Also Kim Tae Hee, via her CF where she is shyly singing as she drives, the reaction most remained in memory. While Kim Tae Hee drives the car in the S Oil CF, her appearance makes a pure, lovely expression while she is singing, it is said that the form which she shows seems like that of an angel, and it is also said the song in the CF has a characteristic which remains strongly in one’s memory.

Lastly, Im Soo Jeong who had appeared some time ago as a pure girl, at the end, announced her powerful attraction to her fans which is strong to the extent that fans dispute whether it is truly Im Soo Jeong who had changed to an extraordinary funky girl. Im Soo Jeong showed an appearance that was not able to be imagined from her usual image through the sudden transformation to an unconventional Funky Style image in the CF of < SENS Q35 > of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Her CF image was expressed securely.

What transformation do the beautiful female stars accomplish by their various CFs and appear in front of the fans in the future, the trend is expected.

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