Koni Lui and Janet Chow Both Love Kids

The TVB Children’s Festival event "Happy Kid Kid 2007" held a press conference yesterday attended by host Wong Cho Lam, Priscilla Chik, Rabee’a Yeung, Koni Lui and Janet Chow.

Janet loves children and although her mother is already fifty years old, she is still studying to become a kindergarten teacher, so when Janet has children in the future, she will be asking her mother to look after them.

Koni has helped to look after her sister’s four-year old daughter before and she also loves kids, but she does not think she will have children just yet because she would like to have more stability first. Asked if her relationship with her boyfriend is stable now, she did not respond directly and just said that she just has friends around her and she has no plans to get married yet, nor has her mother rushed her to get married. However she will have children after she is married and she would like to have a girl so that she can dress her up. As for her ‘good friend’, she does not want to say too much.

Priscilla reveals that she has been planning to go into business and hopes to open a kindergarten with her mother. They have already been to see the site and originally they had planned to site it in the Digiport area, but they had second thoughts after they heard that a kindergarten had recently been closed down in that area. when it was suggested that she should marry a rich guy like Cathy Tsui and then she would not have to work, she says: "I don’t want to rely on men because you are happier when you are spending your own money. When you spend other people’s money, you have to play to their rules. (When you are dating, do you spend your boyfriend’s money?) I have not dated anyone before and people do not believe me, but I haven’t. I have never spent a man’s money, but I have spent my mother’s."

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