Kitty Lai Mei Han Pregnant?

Last year, former TVB actress, Kitty Lai Mei Han, married pilot Tse Hing Gung. One year has already passed and Kitty’s housewife image has emerged. Earlier, Kitty and her husband were spotted in Kowloon City shopping for groceries. The loving couple were picking out crabs and Kitty gently asked her husband how to pick out the best crabs.

After one year of marriage, it appears as if Kitty is pregnant. She was wearing a loose vest on that day, but her belly was protruding. Kitty’s steps were slow and she often rubbed her belly while walking.

Photo Captions:Since Kitty was wearing a loose top and she frequently rubbed her belly, it is quite easy to spot that she’s pregnant.

It’s been a year since the reporter last saw Kitty and it appears that she is pregnant. Father-to-be Mr. Tse was close by his wife’s side, helping her get about.

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  1. Sulthanah says:

    I love Kitty Lai…she is the best chiu man

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