Kim Yun-jin makes MSN’s List of World Class Beauties

The Korean actress Kim Yun-jin has been picked as one of MSN’s “world class beauties.” “In the celebrity world, there are beauties — and then there are world-class beauties, whose charisma and grace hail from, and touch, the four corners of the earth. In keeping with this year’s Oscars featuring the most internationally represented group of nominees, let us celebrate these amazing women,” the article by Kati Johnston gushes.

The portal names 23 such stars including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz and Beyoncé, fresh from her part in the hit movie “Dreamgirls.” Among Asian stars, the list includes Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li from the Chinese mainland and Chinese American Lucy Liu.

“Kim Yun-jin became well-known to American audiences for her role as Sun on the TV series ‘Lost.’ But Kim was already a huge star in her native Korea, where her nickname is ‘Woman Warrior,’" the piece says. "She is an accomplished dancer and martial-arts practitioner as well as a dramatic actress of depth, giving ‘Lost’ what many fans think is its true soul."

Kim last shone on ABC talk show ‘The View’ hosted by Barbara Walters, and demand from TV and fashion magazines to interview her is growing. "Last year, Kim got many interviews with her colleagues in ‘Lost’. But this year, she is mostly interviewed alone,” an insider says. “I think it means that she succeeded in establishing herself in the U.S."

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