Kim Taehee Returns from US After One Month English Studying

Kim Taehee, who finished her short-term American language study training of about 1 month and returned home recently, starts an activity again with the photographing of the catalogue for clothing brand ‘SI’ where she belongs to exclusively as a model and the latter half editing work for the movie ‘The Restless’.

Because Kim Taehee grew up to be a worldwide star, at the beginning of last month, she left for a language study in New York with her real elder sister.

On the 6th, the officials from Kim Taehee’s management company, Namu Actors clarified, “Kim Taehee got enough rest as she studied English in the United States and she came back. Her next appearance work is scheduled to be examined as she does the editing work for ‘The Restless’ later on,” it revealed.

On the other hand, Kim Taehee had legally filed accusations against the netizen who had started the ‘KTH marriage theory with an influential family’ through the court deputy to the cyber investigation corps. The Namu Actors side said, “It seems to take considerable time while the investigation is still progressing. There is no plans for Kim Taehee to appear in the police case.”

It became known that talented actress Kim Taehee had finished her 1 month American language study training and had returned home quietly on the 2nd of this month.

On the 6th, Kim Taehee’s management company Namu Actors revealed, “She notified the management company about her return home late because she felt the load in the interest around. Currently, excluding the scheduled filming of her clothing CF, she is following a special, unofficial schedule where she takes a rest at home.

The return home of Kim Taehee puts out an interest because while she was taking her language study training in the United States, the netizen who started the rumor about her ‘marriage with someone from a powerful family in Korea’ was being pursued and this fact is revealed by the press.

Before leaving towards the United States on June 5th, Kim Taehee had negated the marriage theory in one TV entertainment program but the rumor spread further. Around 40 netizens involved in the extension of the rumor via the Internet were investigated by the police.

The investigation of the real suspect is scheduled to start in the middle of this month.

Kim Taehee is not scheduled to appear in the police investigations except that her answers are submitted through a document as she has left all the legal procedures to her management office and the lawyer.

Kim Taehee received a special English extracurriculum lesson from an American teacher during her training period of about one month in the United States.

Her public entertainment activity is scheduled to be restarted this year with the promotion activity of the movie ‘The Restless’, in which she performs with Jung Woosung, when it opens to the public at the end of the year.

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