Kim Seung Woo, “Don’t want to leave the house because of daughter”,

"I pondered about what there is I can do for my daughter, and made a photo album of her myself."

Actor Kim Seung Woo is rather busy these days. The reason being the movies he has appeared in have been opening one after the other. On the 31st, the movie ‘Hae Byeon eui Yeoin (Woman on the Beach)’ (Director Hong Sang Soo, Film Bom / Jeon Won Sa Production) opened which will be followed by ‘Yeonae, Geu Chameulsoo Uhbneun Gabyeoum’ (Love, the Charm of its Lightness / Director Kim Hae Gon, Good Player Production) 7 days after.

Even amidst his busy movie promotion schedule, there is one thing he does not compromise; his daughter, Ra Hee.

Kim Seung woo also mentioned in a recent interview, "I don’t know why I’m becoming a family man in the media," while continuously speaking about and praising his daughter.

On November 2, 2005 when the movie ‘Yeonae, Geu Chameulsoo Uhbneun Gabyeoum (Yeonaecham hereforth)’ had just cranked in, his wife Kim Nam Joo gave birth to Ra Hee after 13 hours of labor, and it is not over exaggerating to say that she is now the reason he lives.

Expressions of love of the father Kim Seung Woo

Seemingly having run a marathon of movie filming with ‘Yeonaecham’ followed right after by director Nakahara Shuun’s movie ‘Give this great evening, to me,’ he had originally planned to take a break and spend time with his family. In the end, however, director Hang Sang Soo of ‘Hae Byeon Eui Yeonin’ didn’t let him go and he had to postpone his small dream of being a father.

As a result, Kim Seong Woo selected photography. "I thought to myself what I can do for my family and got myself a professional camera. I wanted to take pictures myself and compile a photo album of my daughter. I learned little by little from the still photographer on set and was able to give a photo album to my daughter Ra Hee and wife," he commented.

This is not Kim Seung Woo’s first act of love for his daughter. He said his first present to his daughter is her name.

He said, "Before she was born, I spent countless nights looking through the Korean dictionary and researching Chinese characters to come up with her name."-a very likely thing for Kim Seung Woo to do considering his character.

Perfect Wife Kim Nam Joo

Even after his daughter Ra Hee was born, Kim Seung Woo did not have much time to see her due to his busy filming schedule. He was worried that his daughter would not recognize him when he returned home.

Kim Seung Woo said, "When I got home and my daughter was saying ‘Ppa~Ppa~’ calling out for ‘Appa (dad)’, I was extremely happy."

The reason Ra Hee recognizes Kim Seung Woo who sparsely returns home is actually his wife Kim Nam Joo’s effort. Kim Nam Joo showed pictures and played videos of Kim Seung Woo to Ra Hee pointing out that he is her dad.

Upon returning from the premiere of ‘Hae Byeon eui Yeoin (Woman on the Beach),’ Kim Nam Joo is said to have sent a text message saying ‘A rediscovery of Kim Seung Woo. Escaped the comedy image. Congrats congrats."

Because of such caring family members, Kim Seong Woo continues saying that he does not want to leave the house during the two months of rest he gets after the filming of ‘Hae Byeon eui Yeoin (Woman on the Beach).’

The movie ‘Hae Byeon eui Yeoin (Woman on the Beach),’ in which Kim Seung Woo plays a movie director that is at lost of what to do after a night of romance, opened on the 31st.

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