Kim Jung Hoon Surround By Fans at Beijing Airport

On June 6 at 2:30, Korean star Kim Jung Hoon finally arrived at the Beijing airport with a black suit and black sunglasses. Once he appeared, he was immediately surrounded by the fans. Because the fans wanted to have a close contact with their idol, the scene lost control. Even the welcome banners were pulled apart. Kim Jung Hoon quickly rode a white BMW away from the airport.

Other than Goong being welcomed in Asia, Kim Jung Hoon who plays Yul also became the popular star in Asia. His popularity crazily raised within a few months and has conquered everybody with his ‘angel’ smile.

Mainland fans has also anticipated the moment for Kim Jung Hoon to go to mainland. Sina Entertainment will be having a individual interview with Jung Hoon so all netizens be ready for it.

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