Kim Heechul Suffers Bone Fracture from a Car Accident

Because of a car accident, Super Junior member Kim Heechul suffers from a partial bone fracture on his left thigh.

After filming for MBC Rainbow Romance, he headed to Mokpo for the wake of Donghae’s father. On the morning of the 10th while going back to Seoul, he encountered a car accident.

Heechul and his manager was on their way home at 5:30 in the morning. To surpass the large cars in front of them and switch lanes, they ran into a median strip because of tire problems.

Heechul was sent to a nearby hospital for emergency treatment and will be sent back to a hospital in Seoul for a detailed checkup. It is estimated for him to rest 12 weeks before recovering.

The company said, “The results will come out this afternoon.”

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