Kill Stomach Worms with Zentel

I recently have a weird pattern of hunger and it’s usually happens around midnight. My stomach will start to have sound which I would literally carve for food. So what prompted me first to relate it to is the worm that lives in the stomach.

When I was a kid, my mum used to feed me with a teaspoon of antibiotic-like syrups and was told it is to kills the worm in the stomach. But that was ages ago which surprisingly still stay fresh in my mind. Worrying this could be possible reason of why my stomach behave strangely (as in it gets hungry when the clock hits 12), I thought I should give feed myself with the medicine.

zentel worm killer

Off I went to the nearest pharmacy, got myself a bottle of Zentel. The liquid inside do look like those common antibiotic syrup which I really hates it but from what I was told, it wont taste the same. What shocked me was, I need to complete the whole bottle (although the bottle looks small but if it tasted awfully shucks then it does killing me softly). But after taking a little sip of it, behold, it really didn’t taste that bad after all. I even lick on the bottle tip after completing the liquid inside. It didn’t taste bitter, it didnt even have those awful smell but alittle sweet infact. No wonder I didn’t remember what was the taste of it like when I took it those days.

Well, that’s my experience with Zentel. 😉

zentel gsk

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