Kevin Loses Niki After Winning Award

Best actor award winner Kevin Cheng continued filming yesterday for his new series "The Most Beautiful Seventh Day" and he revealed that after winning the award,he had received over a hundred congratulatory text messages from friends. A group of fans also celebrated with him and he will be taking his family out for dinner to celebrate with them. Talking of his winning role being opposite rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow, Kevin was asked whether they would keep up this pairing for future work, but Kevin says: "We have worked together on three series now, it is time to take some time out and I hope she will take the best actress award next time."

Asked if he will be putting up his fee after winning Best Actor, Kevin smiles: "A token amount! I hope to continue working hard and making more money so I can fulfil my mother’s wish and buy her an apartment. (Was your mother moved to tears?) After I won the award, I called her and she cried." Co-star Bosco Wong congratulated Kevin and asked if he had comforted Myolie, Bosco said: "No, I was also nominated and didn’t win anything! For those who didn’t win, we try again next time, awards are just an encouragement. Myolie was fine and she still went to the celebratory party."

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