Kevin Cheng’s First Mini Concert

Kevin Cheng held his first concert in eleven years on Sunday as he took centre stage at the Hong Kong International Trade and Exhibition in Kowloon Bay. Many showbiz friends joined him as guest performers and as well as rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow, others included Karen Tong, Miriam Yeung, Raymond Lam and Ivana Wong. Kevin’s mother and TVB executives Catherine Tsang and Virginia Lok were also there to lend their support. Although Kevin and Niki both deny their romance, their fans seem to have accepted this already and when Niki appeared on the stage, the fans were frenzied. As they both have August birthdays, a birthday cake and some wedding dolls were produced for them as gifts and Niki laughed: “It’s like a wedding party, isn’tt his a bit over the top? It is my birthday in August, but you don’t need to go this far!”

Jacky Cheung worked with Kevin when he was still with Polygram and although he was not there in person, he sent a clip to give Kevin his vote of encouragement. Jacky told of how Kevin was forced to try his luck in Taiwan after his music career did not take off and when he was unhappy, he would talk to Jacky and ask for advice. Jacky says that he hopes Kevin will cherish this new opportunity and everything he has.

After this, Kevin sung Jacky’s song “This Winter is Not so Cold”, whilst doing a very stiff fan dance, that became quite comical. Even Niki mocked Kevin, telling him never to dance again, but she still scored him 100% for being so brave.

Miriam was the final guest star and she and Kevin talked about how they had met and then Miriam indicated that she has a new song looking for a partner for the music video and she would like Kevin to help her out. Kevin asked for permission from Catherine jokingly, but the executive took this all very seriously and after the show, she approached Miriam and told her Kevin had some time in his schedule to shoot the video for her. At this point, a rather sheepish Miriam apologised to Catherine, saying that she doesn’t in fact choose any of her co-stars because this is left to the company to organise.

Kevin has rated himself 60% for this performance and he hopes that he will do even better in the future. He admits that dancing is not his strength and he hopes to improve this. As for the whole ‘wedding scene’ with Niki, is he quite happy with this? Kevin insists that he is not married yet. As for his fans’ acceptance, he says that they just support their characters from “Under the Canopy of Love”. When it was suggested that a lot of screen lovers get together, he disagrees and laughs that you can’t pair Adam Cheng and Liza Wang together, even if they have worked as a pair so many times.

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