Kevin Cheng took part in men’s fashion line Ermenegildo Zegna

Kevin Cheng took part in a catwalk show for men’s fashion line Ermenegildo Zegna yesterday, wearing a suit worth $50,000 and although this is the second time that he has appeared as a guest model, he was still rather nervous and seemed a little rushed when he showed off his clothes and making it difficult for the press to photograph him. He laughed: “I am in a hurry because I have to go back to TVB City to work.”

Although it was Kevin’s birthday on the 15th, he still had to work and magazine reports suggest that he was rather short-tempered whilst filming with Gigi Lai on that day and was ostracised by everyone. He responded to this with frustration as he said: “Of course not! I feel that the people who write these reports are very curious. I am not prejudiced against the paparazzi, but they were following me all night and I just smiled at them most of the time, but they chose to print the pictures of me not smiling, so I can’t help that. A lot of things are unnecessary, but I will just reassure myself that I have done nothing wrong.” As for suggestions that he does not talk to Gigi, he denies this, saying: “We do chat, but when we did, no-one was photographing us. (Do you feel you have a lot of negative press lately?) I think that artistes and the press are mutually antagonistic and even if artistes do everything right, there will still be negative press. Take Jacky Cheung being accused of assaulting a reporter for example, the most important thing is to have a clear conscience.”

As for having to work on his birthday, Kevin still celebrated afterwards, when he went out for a meal. Asked what presents he received, he says that he has not opened many of his presents yet because he has to prepare for his concert in addition to his filming. Has he had any gifts from girls that he fancies? He thinks and then laughs: “No! I am looking for somebody. (Well are there a lot of girls who fancy you?) I think my fans fancy me, so there are a lot!”

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