Kevin Cheng Rehearses for First Mini Concert

Kevin Cheng was rehearsing yesterday for his mini concert and apart from Kevin’s performance, there is also a rather impressive guest list, including rumoured girlfriend Niki Chow, Miriam Yeung, Karen Tong, Raymond Lam and Ivana Wong. He also reveals that his mentor Lau Ka Cheung will also be there.

It has been eleven years since Kevin had his own concert and he says that he is feeling nervous and excited, plus there are a lot of friends that he has not invited such as Jacky Cheung. When the press asked him why he had not invited his ex-girlfriend Linda Wang, he immediately said shyly: “I did think about it, but she has married now. Jacky has recorded a clip for me and I will play it during the show. I felt that I did not want to invite everyone in one go, because I hope to have more concerts in the future and if I include any more top guests, I won’t have any time to sing myself! (Why did you invite Miriam?) I have known her for a while now after meeting her when I filmed the music video for her song.”

With reports that his mentor Lau likely to be arrested by the Nationalist Party (in Taiwan), Kevin says he has heard about this, but he feels it is not his place to ask if his teacher does not want to discuss it. They have spoken on the phone recently, but only about the concert and the music. He says he is already very grateful for Teacher Lau to come and support him.

A little while later, the news broke that Lau would not be attending the concert after all and when asked about this, Kevin indicated that he had only just heard about this. “Maybe he is just busy. I will call him after the show, but I am just preparing for the show now. I don’t know how he feels, but I will respect his decision and I hope he will continue to be a happy and smiling Teacher Lau.”

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