Kevin Cheng Proposes to Niki Chow in ‘The Most Beautiful 7th Day’

Earlier last week, Kevin Cheng Ka Wing filmed a proposal scene with Niki Chow Lai Kei in Sai Wan. The pair only hugged and did not kiss for the scene. After Niki accepts Kevin’s proposal, she demurely hooked her arm through Kevin’s arm and walked together.

End of the year music awards will be distributed soon, but Kevin does not have much expectations in winning awards. "This year, I released an album which contained past hits and several new songs. Compared to Eason Chan and Leo Ku, my time spent in the music industry is still very short. If I do win an award, then of course it is an unexpected bonus!"

As for 2007, Kevin is still uncertain about the direction of his music career. However, he will definitely be appearing in several concerts. As for filming TVB series, Kevin will be taking a short filming break in the early part of 2007.

"Including ‘The Most Beautiful 7th Day,’ I still have 4 filmed series which have not been broadcast in Hong Kong yet. I wish to take a little break for awhile." (Does Kevin hope to earn some "real side money" in the meantime?) "As much as possible."

The cast of "The Most Beautiful 7th Day" will be heading to Nagoya, Japan in early January to filming some outdoor winter scenes. Kevin has never visted the historical mansion where filming will take place. "There will be little shopping outlets at Nagoya Our intention is to complete all outdoor snow scenes when we fly to Japan. If ther is no snow, then it will be very unfortunate!"

Elaine Yiu Chi Ling, who plays Niki’s younger cousin in "The Most Beautiful 7th Day" will not be flying with the rest of the cast to Nagoya. Niki plans to bring many many gifts for Elaine.

Last week, Niki filmed a scene with Elaine in which they were looking for Niki’s lost dog. Niki has many scenes with the dog in the series. "He is very intelligent and supplies a full range of emotions. One scene required the dog to be sad, and he whimpered sadly!"

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