Kevin Cheng Personally Bought a Copy of His New CD to Present to His Mother

After 11 years away from the music industry that launched his career, Kevin Cheng’s new album will be released tomorrow and he personally went to buy a copy early to present to his mother.

Kevin Cheng was filming his music video for new song “Unbearable” (Mo Ho Noi Ho) earlier, using his own experiences and ups and downs as a theme, telling of how his career and love had fallen to a low point and life was throwing many tests at him but he was just wrapping himself up in his troubles. Then he finds a release and the shows his new energetic and positive approach to life. Although Kevin appears very stylish in the video, the reality was that it was very hot and stuffy on the set and he was sweating all over despite not having a top on. The cameraman complimented him and Kevin didn’t mind the heat, after all he was showing off his great figure that he has worked on recently.

Master Lau Ka Cheung has been invited to be a director for this MV and Kevin says excitedly: “I was very touched that Master Lau would write a song for me and help film my MV. I am very thankful to him and I will never forget him.”

After the weathering of his experiences, Kevin is now mature and stable and battling the music industry once again, he will cherish even more the opportunities that he has found again. Even if he is busy filming series, he would rather cut short his rest time to record a better song or promote his album.

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