Kevin Cheng & Myolie Dancing Sparks “Love To Death”

Kevin Cheng and Myolie Wu were in round 2 of “Strictly Come Dancing II” as partners again for the competition. Although the two both have their other halves, but Myolie smiles and said this time she’s partners with Kevin Cheng, so into it that she loves him to death. Also she openly praised that Kevin is more handsome than Bosco Wong. As for Kevin he also smiles and said that the moment he did the first dance with Myolie Wu, he also felt that he loved her very deeply.

“Strictly Come Dancing – Dance Stars” selection (Hong Kong) was held yesterday in Hollywood Plaza, the celebrity participants include: Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Angela Tong, Nancy Wu, Kenneth Ma, Stephan Wong and Derek Kwok all attended. They all did the Cha Cha with Teacher Chow Ji Kwan (周志坤).

More Handsome than Bosco Wong
Today Myolie will need to head back to Hunan for the competition, she expresses that at first she did not understand dance, till now she dances with an accomplished feeling. Asked if she is afraid of elimination? Myolie is not afraid, at least there will be 200 million people watching us in the program, she said that now she has fallen in love with dancing. Asked if she also fell in love with partner Kevin Cheng? Myolie laughed: “when we dance, there’s a lot of love, when we are doing our second sad dance, Kevin hugs me so close that our chest touches, he also said himself that he got very into it, almost like a spirit when into his body. I also told him to not hug me so hard, I fear that the fake eyebrow might fly out.” Asked Myolie if she really loves Kevin? She laughed: “I love him to death, he is handsome.” Does she feel Bosco is handsome or is Kevin handsome? Myolie said: “of course Kevin! He has electrifying eyes, counting on his electricity did we earn such high scores from audience.”

Placed a lot of feeling into
Kevin also said that when he dances with Myolie, he really loves her. After the dance, the love will stop. Each time he dances he would put lots of feelings into it, also the second part of the dance talks about how Myolie dies, so theres some deep feelings there. This time I really love her, completely into the dance. He smiles that in the future he will continue to love her because everyone knows that they are filming “Burning Flames III”, he laughs: “When that time comes ‘that someone’ (Bosco) who hears, don’t get jealous! But I didn’t say who ah.” Reporters laughed and asked if his other half (Niki) will get jealous too? Kevin said that its work, he knows that well.

Also Kevin expresses that this time’s dance, what is most happy about is his parents because they also are individuals who dances, his dad once won an award. In the past his parents hoped that he would inherit their dancing skills. If he practice more, he wants to have a dance with his mom. Asked if he asked his mom to teach him how to dance? He smiles: “and trigger her death.[gik sei his mom] (Your mom judges you?) Mom said that I really didn’t inherit the skills! But she saw me improve and she is happy.” He also said that his mom saw his shoulder injuries and is worried. His knees and wrist also was injured, but actually other people also has injuries.

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