Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung, & Angela Tong Meet with Fans in Singapore,

Earlier Kevin Cheng, Linda Chung Ka Yan and Angela Tong Ying Ying were in Singapore promoting their TVB series. Meeting with fans and sending Lunar New Year greetings, Kevin, Linda, and Angela played games, gave out prizes, and sang songs for the audience.

Kevin, Linda, and Angela’s recent series have achieved international popularity and many fans arrived to support the artists. When Kevin, Linda, and Angela made their grand entrance, fans yelled out excitedly and cameras went off continuously.

Angela’s character, Lee Siu Ho, in "Life Made Simple" was a big hit among audiences. Revealing her true beautiful face before fans and performing Twin’s song, 《下一站天后》, Angela received a large round of applause.

Linda’s "Always Ready" was currently being broadcast in Singapore. Since receiving the Most Improved Actress Award at TVB’s 39th Anniversary, Linda performance in "Always Ready" was watched closely by many. In April, Linda’s "Biter Bitten" and "Forensic Heroes" will both be aired. Linda sang 《难得有情人》at the promotion.

Kevin’s "Under the Canopy of Love" was being aired in Singapore, with his charming image in the series attracting numerous fans. "Trimming Success" will be airing in Singapore in April as well. Since Kevin entered the industry as a singer first, his skills were displayed when he sang new song,《无可奈何》.

Fans also noticed that Kevin’s right arm was in a cast, as he had an earlier accident. To not disappoint fans, Kevin still took the trip to Singapore. Fans immediately noticed his injury and inquired about his well-being.

During the game segment, many fans were busy clamoring for photos with the artists and forgot to play the games they were invited onstage for! Kevin, Linda, and Angela’s 2 day trip in Singapore concluded with the warmth and support shown by their fans.

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