Kevin Cheng and Gigi Lai at blessing ceremony for “An Easy Life”

Gigi Lai, Kevin Cheng and Catherine Chow were at the studio blessing ceremony for TVB series “An Easy Life” yesterday. Gigi’s character in the show has a paralysed right arm, so she has to use her left arm for all her actions and because she has been using her left hand so much in filming, she has found herself becoming more and more left handed in real life too.

‘Mini-Gigi’ Kathy Yuen will be playing the younger Gigi in the show and asked if filming for the first time was hard work, she says: “Not at all! The other cast members are all very good to me and they know I am a newcomer, so they often teach me and give me tips. (Have you been scolded for too many NG’s?) No, even if they do, I can stand it.” Asked if she thinks she resembles Gigi, she says that her friends think that she does, but she does not. As for Gigi, she says: “Her facial shape is very similar, with a pointy chin and she is a pretty girl!”

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