Kenny Wong & Three Beauties Go Mongolian

Kenny Wong joined Leanne Li, Sharon Luk and Suki Chui at a ‘Mongolian Celebration of the New Year’ event at a shopping mall yesterday and they wore some traditional costumes. Kenny posed with a bow and arrow for the press and this was a first time wearing this type of costume for Sharon. She reveals that she was wearing some costumes similar to those worn by Gong Li in "The Curse of the Golden Flower" during filming for some Oscar promotional clips. So was this quite a sexy outfit then? She smiles: "It depends on how you look at it." She also says she hopes to apply for a sailing licence because not many girls can sail and she wants to be different. She also hopes to learn to do the splits this year as she wants to do some Latin dance and Chinese dancing.

As this year’s Hong Thai Tourism Ambassador, Suki has never been to Mongolia before, but she does hope to go there and film. Asked what other places she would like to go to, she says: "I would like to go somewhere hot, because I am afraid of the cold. I would like to see the desert. (Are you not afraid of getting a tan?) Not really, I will depend on my whitening treatments." Does she plan to go with her boyfriend? Suki immediately says she will not talk about her boyfriend and she will be working on Valentines Day. Asked if the company is not allowing her to date, she says: "Work is more important." Suki has appeared in traditional costumes before, but she says her face was quite chubby then, as she had not slimmed down then. She thinks she looks much better now. She hopes that she will have the opportunity to film an ancient series and she smiles that she and the other girls look like concubines yesterday.

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