Kenny Wong, sleeping over ex-gf

With his recent rise in popularity, Kenny Wong has had magazines revealing that the home where he lives with his current girlfriend belongs to an ex-girlfriend and when he was asked about this by the magazine reporters, he was reported to have become very annoyed and said: "Do I need to tell you what colour my underpants are too?" He appeared as a guest judge at a pensioners event yesterday and he explained his outburst, saying that he felt this was his own private affair and he was unhappy at the reporter chasing him for this information. Asked if his girlfriend knows about the situation of her home, he says: "My girlfriend knows and this is a very simple situation really because this property is handy for me to get to work, so I have borrowed it to live in."

Asked if he needs to explain this to his girlfriend, he says: "There is nothing to explain, this is just the truth, she lent me the apartment. My girlfriend has not said anything about it and I am still good friends with my ex. (Do you pay rent?) This is my business with her." He also says that he wants to buy his own place and although he has filmed a lot of ads lately, he still does not have enough money, so he needs to keep working hard.

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