Kenny Wong is Shocked by the Earthquake

The stage production "Missing Sight" held a promotional event yesterday at the Causeway Bay Trade centre and theatre first-timer Kenny Wong joined the other stars such as Chan Man Kong and Rosa Maria Velaso at the event. Young pianist Colleen Lee, who won the 6th Prize at the International F Chopin Piano Competition will be writing and arranging the title music for this show.

As Kenny introduced his character, the MC suddenly asked him to sing a song, leaving him rather embarrassed as he was holding a guitar. In the end, with Colleen accompanying him on the piano, he sung a children’s song, but he couldn’t help laughing with embarrassment. As for being labelled as a ‘veteran’, Kenny says that he is just a newcomer and this is the first time he has performed in theatre. While was rehearsing on Tuesday in Tokwawan, Kenny says he felt a shake and he thought he was just feeling nauseous after doing a handstand. It was only later when he heard the calls from the police vehicles telling citizens to return to their homes, did he realise that there had been such a serious earthquake in Taiwan. He says that he was a little shocked about this and he was worried that the buildings would fall down. Asked who he thought about at the time, he smiled and said no-one because it was not a life or death situation.

Colleen has returned to Hong Kong for the vacation and she will be heading back to Germany later to continue her studies. Asked if she is being paid for her composition, she smiles that this was a voluntary work and just for her own interest. She feels that composition is quite hard and is different from performance. At the moment, she will not take part in any more competitions as she will be concentrating on her studies.

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