Kenny Wong is Happier the Busier he is

Kenny Wong was the guest on a radio show yesterday and stepping into a new year, he hopes for a strong and healthy body, because without this, he cannot do anything else. As for whether he will be marrying his girlfriend in the coming year, he says he will concentrate on making more money to make life more stable.

The stage production "Missing Sight" that Kenny is taking part in will open from 12th to 24th of January and he has been rehearsing for a number of months. In the show, he often has to throw some punches, but he insists he has never injured anyone because they have excellent acting skills and their reactions are very realistic to make it seem like they have been hit. As well as the dance routine rehearsals, Kenny is also filming for his new movie and although it is very hard work for him, he has no complaints, because he really likes his first theatre performance as every day has its own little changes.

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