Kenny Wong In Kelly Chen’s New Music Video

Kelly had recently shot the music video for her new song “Once And For All” and she had got muscular man Kenny Wong as the male lead. The suggestion to get Kenny was brought up by the director and Kelly had immediately agreed. Kelly has been following his serials from “Healing Hands”.

On Kenny’s six-pack abdominals, Kelly was full of praises. However, she stressed that she does not only appreciate his outer appearance but also his determination to build up his muscles. Kelly added that in order to achieve to have a fit body like Kenny’s, one will need to train for a long time. Furthermore, Kenny all along has been in such good form. The determination to constantly keep the body in shape is definitely worth commending. Celebrities with such good determination will definitely succeed.

This is the first time Kelly had worked with Kenny and her impression is that he is very gentlemanly despite his muscular physique. As Kenny is tall, Kelly does not need to wear flat heel shoes to make up for her co-star’s height.

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