Kenny Kwan Sun Boy’z.

Kenny Kwan, born 30 December 1980, rose to fame at the age of 20 as one half of the duo Boy’z. After Boy’z enjoyed success, both in the recording studio and on the film set, Kwan decided, in January 2005, to leave and pursue personal projects. His former Boy’z bandmate Steven Cheung first continued Boy’z with a new partner, then, in June 2006, reinvented the group with a third member under the name Sun Boy’z.

It was a risk for Kwan, leaving the success of Boy’z. At the time of the split, many music critics questioned whether or not he had the talent to cope with going on to new pastures alone. Kwan’s three solo albums prove that he has staying power, if not overwhelming critical acclaim. Squat’s Derek Tsang caught up with Kwan to discuss how things are going for him flying solo.

Derek: Are you and Steven still mates?
Kenny: We are definitely still great friends, and our relationship could be compared to as brothers. I look at him as my younger brother because during our time together as Boy

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