Kenneth Ma in Steamy Skincare Ad

Kenneth Ma has suffered from skincare problems since he entered the industry and his has set him back compared to the other rising male stars in his generation. He has recently signed with a skincare sponsor and not only does he make money from hugging pretty girls in ads, he has also improved the condition of his skin.

Kenneth suffered severely from acne when he was in high school and he loved playing football, so he was always outside in the sun, giving him rather poor skin. He says: "In the past, my skin was like a beehive, but I went to a boys school and there were no girls around, so I did not take any notice of it. After entering showbiz, I finally felt the importance of your appearance and the viewers who have seen me will know what my skin is like."

At first, when Kenneth’s manager approached him with an offer of sponsorship from a skincare company, he was very confused: "They should be looking for someone with smooth flawless skin. I never imagined that I would have such luck through a bad experience. It also reveals that the sponsors have confidence in me and I hope that I will look more and more handsome."

Kenneth has undergone two months worth of treatment and his skin has smoothened a lot. No wonder he says: "I am getting paid and my appearance is improving and when I film the ad, there is a pretty model to hold, so I am definitely a winner here." However, during the filming of the ad, Kenneth appeared topless for the first time, but he said that the results were very healthy and he did not mind at all. Asked if he commanded a better fee for revealing his chest, he smiles: "Oh, I don’t know."

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