Kenneth Ma Imitaties Ekin; Yoyo Exposes Herself in Fit of Laughter,

Since Yoyo Mung Ka Wai and Ekin Cheng have started dating, they have often been the object of jokes. At TVB’s 2006 Annual Artist Dinner the night before, Yoyo was in the limelight due to her high profile romance. Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming impersonated Ekin onstage (complete with bald look), grabbed Yoyo’s hand and sang a love serenade! Yoyo was quite embarrassed that once again her dating life was the prime focus.

TVB invited advertisers and media from mainland China to attend the annual artist dinner. TVB’s contracted artists such as Charmaine Sheh, Kevin Cheng, Myolie Wu, Sonija Kwok, Gigi Lai, Bernice Liu, Yoyo Mung, etc. attended. The performances added to the lively atmosphere.

Yoyo demonstrated "Beautiful Cooking" by preparing mai fun noodles, but the chef joked, "I want to eat yi mein noodles" (a pun on Ekin’s nickname Yi Kin). Yoyo immediately said, "I hate eating yi mein!"

When Yoyo was preparing her ingredients, her mai fun noodles were taken away from her, forcing her to prepare a dish with yi mein noodles instead. The chef further taunted Yoyo by saying, "Please slurp the yi mein noodles loudly while you eat them. Does it warm your heart with feelings of love?" Yoyo could only laugh embarassingly.

When Kenneth Ma appeared and serenaded "I will only love you in my life," (??????) the audience cheered on. Next, Kenneth ripped off his fake wig to reveal a bald scalp (Ekin’s current look for his new series), Yoyo bent over in uncontrollable laughter.

Yoyo also apparently revealed her underwear onstage when she bent over. "Before the performance, Kenneth asked me if it was okay to hold my hand. I said ‘Please don’t,’ so I breathed a sign of relief. But I was surprised by Kenneth’s antics. I didn’t realize I exposed myself. Since I was wearing being underwear, I don’t think it would be too noticeable." Yoyo also mentioned that Ms. Virginia Lok Yi Ling had notified her in advance that they will have a little skit poking fun at Ekin.

Kenneth’s impersonation of Ekin was so brilliant it resulted in loud applause. TVB executive Catherine Tsang nodded in praise. Kenneth was very excited, "I love impersonating personalities. I am especially convincing when it comes to Lai Ming and Leslie Cheung Kwok Wing" (Even Kenneth’s singing style is very similiar to Ekin’s?) "I practiced in advanced and held my singing notes the same way as Ekin. But I never thought that my antics would cause Yoyo to reveal herself. Hopefully she will not be angry!"

Afterwards, reporters contacted Ekin, who is filming ????? in Beijing. He said Yoyo did not mention the antics at the artist dinner that night. But Ekin does not mind being the object of jokes. As for Yoyo’s exposure incident, she should be more careful next time.

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