Kenix Kwok & Chilam Cheung’s “Red Powder” to Broadcast

Kenix Kwok and Chilam Cheung’s new mainland series "Red Powder" has completed all post-production work.

Twelve regional stations have expressed interest in buying the rights to broadcast "Red Powder." The series will be aired in China at the end of January.

"Red Powder" takes place during the 1950’s, when China goes through a turbulent era in history. The story centers around Kenix, who plays a prostitute whose life is shaped by the Chinese Communist Party. The series illustrates the colorful lives of the people who lived in a bygone era.

Kenix has also recorded the theme song for "Red Powder" earlier in January. Aside from singing the theme song, Kenix also decided to name the song "Autumn Moon" ????.

Both Chilam and Kenix prepping for their scenes. Umm…looks as if both can barely speak audible Mandarin when communicating with production crew members??

Kenix during a filming break. The woman responding to questions must be her assistant.

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