Kenix Kwok & Chilam Cheung at Suzhou Press Conference

Yesterday Kenix Kwok Ho Ying and Chilam Cheung appeared at a mainland TV press conference in Suzhou. Due to Kenix’s limited Mandarin skills, she had to rely on Chilam as her translator.

Reporters asked Kenix how she will be able to film mainland series if her Mandarin skills are so poor? Kenix replied, "I’m unafraid! I will learn Mandarin during filming!"

Reporters asked Kenix whether she was heading to mainland because of disagreement with TVB? Kenix said, "No, my relationship with TVB is very good. It’s just that I’m tired of filming in Hong Kong and wanted to pursue other opportunities."

Chilam said that girlfriend, Anita Yuen Wing Yee, is taking rest during her pregnancy. "Anita has a lot of friends in Hong Kong to take care of her, so I am not worried about her. Earlier on Anita’s birthday, we went out to celebrate, but I did not buy her a present."

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