Kelly Lin joined Michelle Yeoh’s Star City entertainment

Kelly Lin signed in as the primary artist of Michelle Yeoh’s Star City entertainment. Today,she, Hong Xiaoling and Brandon Chang were happily shooting for their new publicity photos. Still the main force for her future developments is making movies, she is looking forward to more challenges,to change image, and looks forward to accepting roles far more different from her low key and quiet personality. Kelly expressed her hopes to portray the character similar to that of Anthony Hopkins in “Silence of the Lambs”, psychotic and eccentric, a role which is a 180 degress transformation of her usual characters. She was admired for her courage, it appears that the reason for her decision to reduce the films she is making is that she is anxious to break out from her mainstream image. She is now busy with the promotions of her new film,”Sparrow”, and also revealed that her next project is in production, but she cant reveal much since it’s still confidential and still on planning stage.

The new company’s new contract star Kelly Lin also looks forward to working with its big boss/owner ㄧ Michelle Yeoh and today, she was with Michelle Yeoh’s disciple, martial arts star Brandon Chang (The Touch), and Kelly praised him that being good in martial arts is a big factor.

At present ,many artists of Hong Kong and Taiwan have joined together for disaster relief and donations, as for Kelly, she has done her contributions in her usual low-key manner, and do not want people to know about her good deeds and she did not want to elaborate on her contributions. Instead, she appealed for everyone to contribute,and she stressed it doesnt matter how big or little you can afford to give, as long as you do care and have interest. She added giving spiritual support to the victims is also very important. As issues on the mothers of children of the Tao Jingying is of particular concern, she said reconstruction works in Sichuan, has to have in-depth plans. Disaster areas needs donated milk, diapers, and other basic supplies. In hopes to help the many missing children that were already recovered and survived in Sichuan, she said she’s hoping and personally seeking for Psychologists to care especially for these children, to help them recover from their traumatic experience ,pyschologically.

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