Kelly Chen’s Without Retention Music Video

In Kelly’s music video for “Without Retention”, she had got her dance instructor, Sunny Wong, to make an appearance. In the video, they acted as lovers and it showed how they got to know each other. However, as they were know each other very well, whenever they need to look at each other lovingly in the eyes, they will get embarrassed and was extremely comical.

The outfits that Kelly wore in the video were all tight fitting. Kelly had claimed that the two days prior to the filming, she dared not eat too much and her meals were mainly desserts. Besides this, she did a hundred sit ups every night so as to appear in her best form for the video.

Also, Kelly was back in HK the previous night from China for a tourism cultural show. This trip was a frightening experience. They initially had got up at six in the morning and set off for the airport but along the journey, they found out that a section of the highway was blocked and they needed to make a roundabout around the mountain. The car journey took six hours instead of the expected four hours. Fortunately, the flight was also delayed and they were able to board the plane on time. The total time for the journey took twelve hours and Kelly finally reached HK at six in the evening. For this trip, she had bought a carton of the local’s famous peaches for her family as well as her colleagues. However, as the roads along the journey were very bumpy, the peaches were crushed and this made her feel extremely helpless.

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