Kelly Chen’s greatest shortcoming is being impatient

Among the invited guests for the 4th Anniversary of RTHK’s Happy Daily programme held yesterday were Kelly, Chan Bak Cheung, Alan Tam, Niki Chow, Leo Ku, Jolie Chan, Rain Lee, Joyce Lee and Ella Koon. Every guests had the chance to go on stage to say out their own shortcomings. Chan Bak Cheung and Alan had then took the chance to made fun of the singers.

Kelly felt that her greatest shortcoming is being impatient. Chan Bak Cheung laughed and asked Kelly whether she is worried that she could not get married. Alan immediately interrupted and said that Kelly is an impatient lover. Kelly clarified that she is not in a hurry to get married but she is a person who lacks patience. For example, she would often ask the time when she is on a long distance flight. As to be laughed at being impatient to get married, Kelly admitted that she did not mind the joke. Then is her boyfriend the one who is impatient? Kelly laughed that she would want him to get rid of this habit if he really is so.

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