Kelly Chen Wears Over 100 Carat Diamond Jewellery

Kelly had worn over 100 carat diamond jewelry during yesterday’s opening of 3D Gold branch at Tseung Kwan O. She expressed that she likes the heart design of the necklace and wrist chain that she was wearing but she claimed that she could not afford them. Will she consider asking her boyfriend to give them to her? She answered that her boyfriend had previously given her a small diamond ring and she had not requested any big sized jewelry from him.

The jewelry for 3D Gold named "Butterfly" that was designed by Kelly had good sales figures. As such, she wants to come up with other patterns as she loves doing jewelry and fashion design. Will she start doing this after she retires? She hopes to start before she retires and she could do it as a sideline besides singing. She admitted that she would want to give everything a try.

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