Kelly Chen Unhappy With 2006 JSG Results

The 2006 TVB Jade Solid Gold Music Awards were held this past Saturday. Kelly Chen, who was in Shanghai rushed back to Hong Kong to make her first music award appearance of the year. At the award ceremony, Kelly sat from the opening of the ceremony and didn’t get up until the very end when she received her one and only award, Asia’s Favorite Female Singer. No wonder she was disappointed with the results.

Kelly expresses that she is happy that she received the Asia’s Favorite Female Singer award, but is disappointed she did not get a gold song award. Kelly was then asked whether she would work harder for next year, she said "It doesn’t matter if I work harder. Awards are no longer based on how hard a singer works. Awards are now also based on how hard a company works." She was then asked if she thought her company did not work hard enough, and if they spent too much time on Eason Chan’s award and neglected her, "Yes my company did not work hard enough, but I don’t feel my company spent too much time on Eason and neglected me. Truthfully, Eason should’ve won Favorite Male Singer already. Eason did not win many awards either, but he did win a big award."

Kelly did have songs that were in contention for a gold song award, but there is no denying that since Leo Ku would not win Favorite Male Singer, TVB decided to award Gold Label artists and neglect Kelly. Examples, Kelly with queen/diva status, did not win a gold song award but Justin Lo did; her duet with Liza Wang did not make it to the top 3, but Alex Fong and Stephy Tang’s ???? won gold.

Rumors have it, for the past couple of years singers enjoy the game of "the more you work for [TVB] the more awards you will receive." Kelly responds that she does not do that, and saying, "If I do that there is no point. The award is not worth winning. Awards are meant to be ‘fought’ for."

Kelly was asked about Miriam not receiving any awards at this year’s JSG. Kelly says, "Whether a singer wins an award is clearly based on their company’s influence."

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