Kelly Chen Spends Christmas at Las Vegas

Kelly Chen will be spending Christmas at Las Vegas for her concert. Yesterday she attended a press conference and was asked which Hollywood celebrity she admires the most. She answered that she admires Nicole Kidman and Johnny Depp. She praises Nicole of her exquisite acting and that she speaks with a noble manner. As with Johnny, other than handsome, his roles are interesting in every movie he stars in which gives the audience a fresh feeling.

Los Angeles will be Kelly’s last stop for her tour. To match the holiday season while she was rehearsing, she wore a shirt that read ‘Merry Christmas’. She said she is already used to doing work during the holidays. The Christmas spirit in America is rich and she can celebrate with a large group of staffs. She joked that if she can have one present, she wants a time machine so she can return back to the past and do the things she never got a chance to.

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