Kelly Chen Admits to being a Furniture Collector

Kelly had recently received an interview by Metro Radio talking about her personal likes. Kelly is a crazy collector and when she was young, she loves collecting cartoon stickers and Barbie dolls. When she turned older, her interests shifted to furniture collecting. She would fill up the space in her house with her favourite furniture and when she shifts to a new house, she would bring them together with her. Kelly said that a house filled with the furniture gives her a very warm feeling. She often moves the furniture around to give the house a new look in the decor.

Although Kelly had taken numerous photographs after she entered showbiz, she would never put them on display in the house. Even if she gets married, she would not consider putting her marriage photograph in the bedroom. Displaying the photographs looks out dated. As for wears, she would not choose pink or light blue as they are considered old-fashioned to her. As such, she prefers bright looking colours.

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